Sydney Sculpture conference 2020, Art Gallery NSW

The Sydney Sculpture Conference 2020, held at the Art Gallery NSW, included Takura Kurakouchi, Chief Curator of the Hakone Open-Air Museum Japan, Dr Lucina Ward, Curator International Painting & Sculpture National Gallery Australia, Prof. Paul Tacon, Chair in Rock Art Research, Griffith Uni. Queensland, Paul Boardman, Head Engineer Gibbs Farm NZ and a panel talking about 'Sculpture Encounters' on Granite Island SA. Open air collections worth noting are rare in Australia but 'Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island' is one of them. Audience interest was demonstrably high - good for the region and good for the State. It's also a best-practice model for the artists. I'm proud to be on the working group for the program.


'MARGARET WORTH: Earth & Ether'
'Creative Spaces Summit', 2023 Lot 14 Adelaide, South Australia
The next iteration of the Worth-Cui collaboration
'VAJRASANA meditation' installation at Government House Canberra.
'FALL' international collaboration, Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, Zhenjiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China.
'Silicon Garden' installation: Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, W.ONE SPACE, Shenzhen, China.
Sydney Sculpture conference 2020, Art Gallery NSW
'VAJRASANA meditation': New home at Government House Canberra
'Know My Name' merchandise National Gallery Australia
'Art Talks' international webinar on 'Know My Name'