Launch 'Ripple Effect'

RIPPLE EFFECT Projection onto Victa Cinema

The Ripple Effect: Projection onto Victa Cinema

Launched by Minister Jack Snelling.
The artist with Minister Jack Snelling, Minister Geoff Brock, & Steve Saffel, CEO Country Arts SA


'FALL' international collaboration, Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, Zhenjiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China.
'Silicon Garden' installation: Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, W.ONE SPACE, Shenzhen, China.
'VAJRASANA meditation': New home at Government House Canberra
Sydney Sculpture conference 2020, Art Gallery NSW
'Know My Name' merchandise National Gallery Australia
'Art Talks' international webinar on 'Know My Name'
'Know My Name' exhibition launch at the National Gallery Australia 2020
Out of Ashes
'Wind Veil'
Curtin University acquisition 'Samsara 3'

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