‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’

‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’ has opened to a highly responsive audience expressing excitement and individual engagement. They have given great encouragement and support to explore time-based placement opportunities for the works on a rental basis. Thank you to the excellent input of the Reference Groups and the Support Group. 


Current work is progressing for ‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’, an exhibition to be presented at Flinders Medical Centre, Promenade Gallery, opening July 21st 2015. http://www.flinders.sa.gov.au/ 

The works combine materials of the physical world with moving image and sound. They create a mind space where the real, the remembered and the imagined merge to become a personal retreat. 


Out of Ashes
Wind Veil
Curtin University
'Edging Watching'
Digital Theatre with Steve Mayhew, Sam Haren and Dan Koerner of Sandpit
‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’
Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas Texas
Out of Stardust and Heard it through the Grape Vine
Drop the Dust
‘Where are you? What time is it? How do you know?’

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