‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’

‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’ has opened to a highly responsive audience expressing excitement and individual engagement. They have given great encouragement and support to explore time-based placement opportunities for the works on a rental basis. Thank you to the excellent input of the Reference Groups and the Support Group. 


Current work is progressing for ‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’, an exhibition to be presented at Flinders Medical Centre, Promenade Gallery, opening July 21st 2015. http://www.flinders.sa.gov.au/ 

The works combine materials of the physical world with moving image and sound. They create a mind space where the real, the remembered and the imagined merge to become a personal retreat. 


'MARGARET WORTH: Earth & Ether'
'Creative Spaces Summit', 2023 Lot 14 Adelaide, South Australia
The next iteration of the Worth-Cui collaboration
'VAJRASANA meditation' installation at Government House Canberra.
'FALL' international collaboration, Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, Zhenjiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China.
'Silicon Garden' installation: Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, W.ONE SPACE, Shenzhen, China.
Sydney Sculpture conference 2020, Art Gallery NSW
'VAJRASANA meditation': New home at Government House Canberra
'Know My Name' merchandise National Gallery Australia
'Art Talks' international webinar on 'Know My Name'