KMN_Swanston-Lonsdale billboard_EP - Copy

'Know My Name'

'Know My Name' is a 2020 project of the National Gallery of Australia. 'Samsara 11' (silk screen print) / 'Untitled' (painting) is looking just right at billboard scale  on the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne. #KnowMyName; #KnowMyArt; @knowmyname. Photo: Elspeth Pitt


Out of Ashes
Wind Veil
Curtin University
'Edging Watching'
Digital Theatre with Steve Mayhew, Sam Haren and Dan Koerner of Sandpit
‘Mining the Mind: Material Memory’
Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas Texas
Out of Stardust and Heard it through the Grape Vine
Drop the Dust
‘Where are you? What time is it? How do you know?’

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