'Know My Name' exhibition launch at the National Gallery Australia 2020

'Know My Name' is an expansive presentation of Australian women artists from 1900 to the present at the National Gallery of Australia. With a cast of thousands and distinctive female energies, it is unlike any exhibition on this scale that I've seen. Revelations across time, place and artists create the 'everywhen' at its core. I am proud to have a place in this story.

My work ‘Sukhavati No. 5’ is above the project curators and me, R to L: Dr. Deborah Hart, MW, Elspeth Pitt, Yvette Dal Pozzo.


'MARGARET WORTH: Earth & Ether'
'Creative Spaces Summit', 2023 Lot 14 Adelaide, South Australia
The next iteration of the Worth-Cui collaboration
'VAJRASANA meditation' installation at Government House Canberra.
'FALL' international collaboration, Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, Zhenjiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China.
'Silicon Garden' installation: Cui Yi with Margaret Worth, W.ONE SPACE, Shenzhen, China.
Sydney Sculpture conference 2020, Art Gallery NSW
'VAJRASANA meditation': New home at Government House Canberra
'Know My Name' merchandise National Gallery Australia
'Art Talks' international webinar on 'Know My Name'