'Adelaide Arrive: Air & Rail Entrance to Adelaide' SA and 'Mile end Wall' 1995

'Adelaide Arrive' project pioneered collaboration between artist-designers, government, streetscape architects, transport engineers and traffic engineers on planning and design for the major roadway entrance to the city. Under the direction of artist Margaret Worth, the project supported the first public-place artworks by aboriginal artists in south Australia. The art-design component of the project was to introduce the story of change and development in the area, in a chronological sequence along the road. The sequence includes reference to early wetlands, to the presence of first nations peoples, to farm lands, to commerce, industry and subsequently to urban residential development. The story components are integrated into the bus shelters, pavements and feature works. A sound barrier wall was needed for the Mile End Residential Development by Kinsmen, Project Managers. It provided an opportunity to expand the presence of the story-telling to include the layering of the flood-plain land, the site of a first factory, the human cost to the first nations people and the foundry that once made farm machinery that was transported across Australia and places beyond. The project was assisted with funds from the Australia Council, federal, state and local governments.

Artist-Designer Team: Sherreen Rankine Kaurna artist, Leslie Matthews, Sandy Naulty, Martin Corbin, Vaughan Greene, Sasha Stojanovic and Roger Noakes. Margaret Worth as Art Director + Arts Team Co-ordinator collaborated with Land Systems EBC of the Hassel Group for 'Adelaide Arrive' and with Kinsmen on the 'Mile End Wall'.

Adelaide Arrive: Bus shelter
Adelaide Arrive: Bus shelter, wetlands theme, artist-designer Leslie Matthews.
Adelaide Arrive: Model grilles & seat
Adelaide Arrive: Model for grilles & seat, Sandy Naulty artist-designer.
Adelaide Arrive: Model bus shelter
Adelaide Arrive: Model bus shelter, wetlands theme
Soil topography with remnant foundry cast. Margaret Worth artist.
'Mile End Wall', Margaret Worth artist + designer.
Bricks, remnant iron casting.
Adelaide Arrive: Welcome to Family
Adelaide Arrive: 'Welcome to Family', Concept: Shereen Rankine, drawing: Jacob Stengel.
Adelaide Arrive: We Have Survived
'Adelaide Arrive': 'We Have Survived', concept Sherry Rankine and modelling Janette Moore.
'Foundry Chimneys', Margaret Worth, artist.
'Mile End Wall', commissioned by Kinsmen, Project Managers, commemorating the site for the first foundry in SA. Margaret Worth artist-designer, Simon Bond bricklayer.
Adelaide Arrive: Mile End Wall
'Mile End Wall', Kinsmen Project Management. Chimney commemorating first foundry in SA. Margaret Worth artist + designer, Simon Bond bricklayer.
Adelaide Arrive: Mile End Wall
'Mile End Wall', Kinsmen, Project Management. property development,  chimneys commemorating first foundry in SA and wind vanes made with Holden bearings. Margaret Worth artist-designer.
Adelaide Arrive: Pavement inlay
'Adelaide Arrive': Pavement inlay, Sandra Naulty artist-designer, Margaret Worth, art direction.
Adelaide Arrive: Pavement Inlays
Adelaide Arrive: Pavement Inlays commemorating local industries and production.
'Mile End Wall' Concept drawing
Coloured pencil on paper