Windsor Gardens Vocational College SA 2006

A staged implementation of the Public Image and Cultural Environment Plan for Windsor Gardens Vocational College has provided:
1) A public identity and improved image along the main road boundary and within the school grounds.
2) The incorporation of artworks developed from student designs.
3) An outdoor social area with shade and shelter for students.
4) An outdoor assembly area that is a focus of the grounds.
5) A sense of cohesion through the introduction of visual and psychological links.
6) A Landscape Design Strategy for the grounds, to be implemented in stages.

Learning Pathways: Bollard
Learning Pathways: Bollard
Learning Pathways: Design Concept drawings.
Learning Pathways: Design Concept drawings.
Learning Pathways: East-west corridor.
'Learning Pathways': East-west corridor, featuring a main link between buildings.
Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award Exhibition: Werribee Park
Learning Pathways: Entrance banners + bollards, design Janette Moore.
The theme of 'Learning Pathways' informed the playful design of college bollards.
'Learning Pathways': Entrance bollards, design Janette Moore
Learning Pathways: Meeting Place
'Learning Pathways': Meeting Place outdoors.
1000cm (H) x 1800cm (W)
Tension membranes, epoxy painted steel
Learning Pathways: North-south corridor.
'Learning Pathways': North-south corridor.
Tension membranes, galv. steel
Learning Pathways: Meeting Place close-up.
'Learning Pathways': Meeting Place close-up.
Learning Pathways: Landscape Plan
'Learning Pathways': Landscape Plan with John Draper.

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