'Mining the Mind: Material Memory' installation

'Mining the Mind: Material Memory', Flinders Medical Center, SA 2015

Sound and moving images of energy are combined with the physicality of sand, salt, graphite and carbon in five elemental works that can trigger associations and evoke personal connections.

The works each create a space for the individual where the real, the remembered and the imagined can merge.

They allow the reconciliation of opposing parts of human experience: the rational and irrational, the conscious and unconscious, reality and dream.

The viewer becomes the centre of experience and the creator of meaning.

Flinders Medical Centre
'Mining the Mind: Material Memory' Flinders Medical Centre
Material Memory: 'Ether' by Margaret Worth with George Usher
120cm (H) x 230cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Microfine Graphite, marine plywood, moving image & sound
Material Memory:'Fire'
230cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Charred & waxed marine plywood, moving image & sound.
'Material Memory: Water' Flinders Medical Centre.
Material Memory: 'Water' by Margaret Worth with moving image by George Usher, music by Paul Grabowsky
230cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Coorong sand, marine plywood, moving image & sound
Material Memory: 'Earth'
230cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Red Centre sand, marine plywood, moving image & sound
125cm (H) x 120cm (W)
Central desert red sand, marine plywood.
M Theory
'Mining the Mind: M Theory'
120cm (H) x 120cm (W)
Ultrmarine suspension, marine plywood
Space-Time flow: Branes
Space-Time Flow: 'Branes'
120cm (H) x 120cm (W)
Microfine graphite, titanium, carbon, wax, marine plywood.
Space-Time Flow: Calabi Yau
Space-Time Flow: 'Calabi Yau'
80cm (H) x 120cm (W)
Acrylic paint, mineral powders & wax on marine plywood
Space-Time Flow: Space Tear-Flop
80cm (H) x 120cm (W)
Coorong sand, charcoal, marine plywood

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