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Sound is produced by the wind in flutes and organ pipes. They are mounted with wind vanes and anemometers that indicate the direction and velocity of the wind. As the vanes turn and the arms circle and dip, the works sing and dance a celebration of the wind. Further development includes the application of colour and variation in the arrangement of arms.

Wind Instruments: Rain Chasers Duet by Margaret Worth

Wind Instruments: Rain Chasers Duet  2007

Stainless steel, aluminium.


Wind Organ Pipe +Flute: private garden. by Margaret Worth

Wind Organ Pipe +Flute: private garden.  2004

stainless steel,aluminium. Photo Grant Hancock

Variable dimensions

Wind Instruments: Flute+Organ Pipe by Margaret Worth

Wind Instruments: Flute+Organ Pipe  2004

Stainless steel,aluminium. Photo Grant Hancock

variable dimensions with 4m height