Exhibitions    Heysen Sculpture Biennial

21.02.16 to 01.05.16

Out of Ashes

Artist: Margaret Worth, Poet: Helen Burke

Commemorating Pamela Kouwenhoven 1944 - 2014


'Out of Ashes’ commemorates the life and work of the artist Pamela Kouwenhoven and was developed in collaboration with poet Helen Burke, another long-time and dear friend of Pamela.


Wood ash, rusted steel and discarded metals and plastics are combined with six poems to pay tribute to her legacy.


Pamela’s life was shaped by hardship, expressed in her poem ‘For Helen’. In the latter years, her artwork received increasing attention and her life as an artist blossomed. Helen marked the special events with poems; ‘The Artist’, ‘The Sculptor’, and ‘Greek Salad and Coffee’. For the 2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial, Helen wrote ‘Out of Ahses’.


The making of the artwork ‘Out of Ashes’ has been a journey of friendships - shared with tears and laughter.



Out of Ashes by Margaret Worth

Out of Ashes  2016

Wood ash, rusted steel, discarded metal and plastic.

220 X 210 X 100cms

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Out of Ashes: Poem Blossom by Margaret Worth

Out of Ashes: Poem Blossom  2016

Poems, rusted steel, discarded plastic

100 X 50 X 20cms