Exhibitions    Energy Connections: SALA at SANTOS Centre, SA

01.08.12 to 31.08.12


The common connection throughout these works is the energy that lies within the land and what it provides. 


Margaret’s art practice is founded on an interest in geography. The works reflect her experiences of land, climate, energy and culture as they coalesce in different locations she has come to know. They are derived from working with the people who make the land their life. Equally, their lives mark the land.


SpaceScape presents a view of energy and space. Fragments of a story including aspirations, failures and achievements, whirl around like dusts and become the material of evolution. Everything in the work is made from dust particles: the panels, the mineral powders, desert sand and paper.

‘Paddock Convention’ follows the foot print of a style of agriculture that ploughs and sows in alternating strips with fallow land. It is layered over a pattern representing the variation in soils composition. The contrast tells a story of interaction.


Ancient Accumulations Under Pressure’ is a reference to the billion years old deposits subdivided for mining and the pressure it puts on ancient cultures. Strips of archival paper are held together by pressure to build the forms. The red sand is rich in iron.


‘Bottle Bush’ is a reference to life in the APY Lands [Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yunkinytjatjara Lands] where random trees are adorned with bottles and cans. The work presents an image that simultaneously elicits the humour, despair, hope and promise of the Lands.


Accumulations Under Pressure by Margaret Worth

Accumulations Under Pressure  2012

Rag paper, red sand, red wood, light boxes

150 X 330 X 97 cms

Bottle Bus by Margaret Worth

Bottle Bus  2012

Squashed drink bottles, desert sand, twig, steel.

240 X 97 X 97 cms.

SALA at SANTOS: Energy Connections by Margaret Worth

SALA at SANTOS: Energy Connections  2012

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